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Fence Replacement Project:

After 30 plus years, it is time to replace our HOA split rail fencing! This letter is an informative memo about the upcoming fence replacement project.  No action on your part is needed at this time.

The fencing to be replaced is the perimeter fencing that defines the boundary between 1) HOA property and homeowner properties, 2) HOA property and city property or 3) homeowner properties and city properties.  The fencing that is homeowner owned will not be replaced.

Due to the perimeter fence's extraordinary length, the board has allocated the necessary funds to replace the fence in sections, with projected completion in 2018. This multiyear project will commence this year in late spring/early summer starting with the most northeasterly section. We have contracted Harrison Fence to remove and replace this first section. We will then proceed in a counterclockwise direction bordering Tantra Park and ending with the sections that run along West Moorhead Circle and Tantra Park Circle. 

Each section will affect between 8 and 12 households. Prior to replacement of the fencing section that affects your yard, you will receive another letter specific to your fencing section. This letter will outline the details of the specific fence section to be replaced, and provide you with the dates of construction, outline your responsibilities for removing obstructing landscaping. It will also provide details of your options of installing an access gate at your expense, or removing any unwanted homeowner owned fence, paid for by the HOA. 

This commonly owned fence runs along many private properties. Therefore, we anticipate some discussion and negotiation between each individual homeowner and the fencing committee to coordinate the project. Feel free to contact the board/fencing committee (mike@mmcmillen.com, (303) 818-2873) with questions.

* Update 05/19/2015 *

Split Rail Fence was awarded the contract for the current fence project.  The work should begin on fence sections A, F and part of B, in early June.  An informational letter was sent to all affected homeowners on May 14th.

Please mark all sprinkler heads that are located close to the fence line. Split Rail Fence is not responsible for damage to underground sprinkler lines. Approximate construction duration of individual yards is 10 -14 days from time existing fence is removed. Duration of entire project is estimated at 45 - 60 days, weather permitting.
For any additional information concerning the fence replacement, please contact Mike McMillen (Fence Committee Chair) at (303) 818-2873.  To contact the Split Rail Fence, please contact Wayne Nichols (303) 594-5928, Ned O’Rourke (303) 204-7418 or their main office at (303) 791-1997.

Fence Related Homeowner Informtaion:


Please help out by removing landscaping materials from the construction area. To facilitate this project we need any landscaping materials touching or impinging on the fence plane to be cut back or moved back a minimum of a foot from the fence on either side.


#1) Removal of Internal Fencing: The fencing project will not be replacing any fencing sections between two (or more) homeowner properties. It is the responsibility of the homeowners to maintain these fencing sections and comply with the HOA bylaws. If there are any fencing sections that the homeowners no longer wish to maintain at this time, the HOA will cover the expense for the removal of this section. This is a one time only offer to remove any unwanted fencing, paid for by the HOA.  Please contact the fencing committee (see below) if you wish to take advantage of this.

#2) Fence Pass-through: Several homeowners wish to have a gap or gate installed in the fence to permit easy access through the fence. Homeowners have three options:  

A) Install no gate or gap. The fence will be continuous along the perimeter of your property. This is the default option that will be used if no other selection is made.

B) Install a gap. A 3 ft gap, bordered by two end posts will be installed at a position of your choice (see attached photograph). This option will be paid for entirely by the HOA. Please contact the fencing committee and specify the gap position if you wish to install a gap.

Fence Gap: A 3 ft gap bordered by two end posts.

C) Install a gap with a gate. A 3 ft gap, bordered by two posts with a small fence will be installed at the position of your choice (see attached photograph). The cost of the gap installation will be covered by the HOA, but the gate will cost the homeowner $99, due to SC7HOA by the start of construction. Please contact the fencing committee (see below) if you wish to install a gap with a gate.

Fence Gate: The gates will be picketed with black hinges and latching hardware. They will look similar to this installation but with a flat top.


email: southcreek7hoa@gmail.com; voicemail: 303-505-8153

Check back on this page periodically for updates on the project.

Plat diagram of the fencing sections
SC7 Fence Replacement Section C Memo Final
SC7 Fence Replacement General Memo Final