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The following information is required by statute to be made available to members of the South Creek Seven Homeowners' Association:

  • The fiscal year for the South Creek Seven HOA commences on January 1.
  • The operating budget for 2008 is $34, 825
  • The Association's current assessments are $525 per year.
  • Click here for the Association's current financial statement as of May 2008.
  • The Association maintains a Condominium Policy, purchased from State Farm Insurance, that expires on June 4, 2009. The deductible is $500. The policy includes a $19,000 buildings limit, $1,000,000 business liability, and $2,000,000 medical.
  • The Association also maintains a $1,000,000 Commercial Umbrella Liability Policy purchased from State Farm, which expires on June 4, 2009.
  • The Association's responsible governance policies can be found in Article IV, Section (16) (Conflicts of Interest); Article III, Sections (3)(Notice of Meetings) and (9)(Conduct of Meetings); Article IV, Sections (3)(Election and Term of Office) and (9)(Regular Meetings); and Article VIII, Sections (1)(Financial Records), (2)(Inspection of Records) and (6)(Investment of Reserve Fund) of the Association's Bylaws.


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